The 4 and 6 Pack Memberships

A lightweight boat club membership, with no Blackout or Restrictions. As an added benefit, you can use these for 3 hour rentals too.

Looking for more boating in your life this summer, we have you covered.

4 Rentals for the Price of 3
4 Pack of Rentals


Valid Any Day No Blackouts or Restrictions

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6 Rentals for the Price of 4
6 Pack of Rentals


Valid Any Day, No Blackouts or Restrictions

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You can apply your rental fees towards a 4 or a 6 Pack Membership. Take one of our boats out for an outings, and decide if this is the boat for you.

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Membership FAQs

Questions? We've got answers.

Can we use the membership for just 2 hour rentals?

Your a VIP, you can use them for a 2, 2.5, or 3 Hour Duration.

Can we try before we buy?

Yes you can apply your retnal fees towards tthe purcahse of a 4 or 6 pack. For example you make a reservations for $350, and you want to buy a 4 pack, we will paply the $350 off the total and you

How long are the rentals?

The early bird and sunset time slots are 2 hours long, and the mid day time slots are 2, 2.5 or 3 hours in case you want to spend a little more time on the water and take a dip or stop at a bar along the way,

Weather / Cancellation Policy

For cancellations or reschedules, please give us 3 days notice, and your credit will restore. For bad weather days, we will connect the morning of to make a game plan, reschedule or adjust the start time to get around the storm


Heck yeah we take our own kids out often, we have coast guard approved life jackets for humans of all sizes. Pro tip kids like shorter time blocks than adults, 90 minute laps recommended for younger kids. Ice cream options adjacent to reward / bait young boaters into coming.

Can we swim?

Heck yeah, boats have swim ladders anchors and noodles on board, there is a good swim section in St. Albains Bay, which is the next to Exceslior Bay, we will show the swim zone on a map at check in

Can we split the membership with a friend?

Yes you can, the membership voucher will still have a $7 boat launch fee for each use, we do this so the renters card is on file (for incidentals) in the event there is any damage.

What are the requirements for renting and driving a boat? 

Must be 25+ with a valid drivers licenses and credit or debit card. We have a 3 minute safety video that all renters are required to watch, we recommend watching it prior to arrival, its linked in the confirmation, and reminder emails.

Can we hire a skipper? Or do we drive?

New for the 2024 Boating Season, we can staff a skipper for groups of 6 or less, there is a $50 per hour skipper fee, and you must arrange this at least 5 days prior with us.

Where can we take these boats, and how fast do they go? 

These are cruising boats, not fast boats. They go 5-6 mph which is perfect for a no wake bay (excelsior bay is). We have maps on the boats to show some good recommended routes with time estimates on them

Can We Stop at Bars / Where do we go?

We have a lake map with suggested routes based on time and water conditions. There are two bars along the way, Maynards and the Caribbean, that you can pull into.

Where can I buy a Duffy Boat?

We are the dealer for the state of Minnesota, we can help you out. if you want to try before you buy or happen to fall in love with this boat, you can apply an entire seasons of rental fees towards the purchase of a boat.

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